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Full Project Desrcription

Project Summary

Project Aim

Increasing the desire of refugee and displaced communities in their willingness to actively participate in efforts to improve the quality of education among them and build their community capacities.
1-Training on production methods
2- Small project management training.
3- Training on the marketing behavior of small business products.
4- Renting premises for rehabilitation and housing for the homeless.
5- Preparing the homeless to enter apprenticeships and schools.

Project Target

Sudanese and S Sudanese homeless

Project Partners

Participation with the concerned and competent authorities in the affairs of the protection of street children or the homeless represented in the governmental social and family security agencies.

Expected results of the project

Owning them the means of production.

Project outputs

Contribute to the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of the homeless and their integration into communities.

Preparing the homeless to enter apprenticeships and schools.

Project Activities

1- Awareness of society about education issues.

2- Forming a team to activate the interest in education at the camps.

3- Activating the role of women to serve education issues in society.

4- Mobilizing human resources for society.

5- Capacity building of individuals and their rehabilitation in society

Capabilities to ensure the success of the project

The organization’s ability to coordinate between the concerned parties and stakeholders, joint cooperation and actions between the executive offices and supervisors from within the camps, and to set a clear time program according to the budget prepared for the project according to the financial value, which helps to make the work successful, taking into account the consequences and challenges. Therefore, the organization has to use flexible means Facilitate the completion of the project.

Implementation methodology

The methodology used is networking, cooperation, evaluation, follow-up of the ways in which the project is successful, and serious coordination between the local and service authority inside the camp, in addition to creating relationships with the camp authorities or the authorities responsible for guidance inside the camps between citizens or refugees, in addition to prior coordination. With the executive bodies of the project in the organization, the executive office