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Yai Lual
Chuor Piol Yak Aluong
Nura Freezer Michael
Joseph Garang Diing
Wahbi Mustafa Valentino
Essraa Atyb Adam
Abdaleli sennary kojur
Hassan Habeeb shiekadin

1.  Who we are 

We are humanitarian organization strives to elevate the suffering ones specifically the most poorest and venerable community affected by humanitarian crises to have access to the fundamental rights of life.

2. What we do

Our pioneering programs addresses the issues  of immigrant, sustainable education  community development, health & nutrition,  WASH program and Rehabilitation of homeless children in unique manner to have a healthy start in their lives specifically those whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict, disaster and economic inflation to survive and to gain control over their future.

We have so far viewed that many women and children are dying of different diseases in peripheral refugees’ camps of Sudan which requires immediate attention to elevate the suffering community recover and develop,  therefore, our team is working hard to ensure this situation is subsided . 

3.Where we work:

 We are working in the following states of Sudan

  1. Khartoum State 
  2. North Kordufan 
  3. Kassala
  4. Darfur state
  5. White Nile 
  6. Senar
  7. Southern Kordufan
  8. Western Kordufan
  9. Gaderaf

Financial Accountability 

NMSO’s finance and accounts department is responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, managing costs, assets and liabilities, financing investments, analyzing cash-flow and profitability, and preparing budgets and financial frameworks for the development programmes. The department is accountable for donor grants, property, provident funds, employee gratuity, salary, tax and loans. It produces annual and monthly consolidated financial statements and fulfills the rules and regulations of the NGO Affairs Bureau ,and other regulatory bodies. Through this department we ensure effective financial control and transparency of the financial data of our projects and enterprises, garnering the trust and confidence from all those with whom we work.

As it is well known that some donors want to know how much of every dollar they donate goes to a specific disaster. For large disasters all NGOs typically allocates a minimum of 91 percent of every dollar raised to the program – and sometimes more. But, as NMSO we do not track fundraising and management and general expenses for each. We honor donor intent, and if a donor designates their donation for a particular program, it goes to that program.

One of our top priorities is to be cost-conscious. We try to keep our fundraising, management and general costs low so we can spend more on people who urgently need our services. We are regularly looking for ways to streamline, consolidate operations and reduce expenses. We use volunteers every day (approximately 27 to keep costs low.

To ensuring that each position assigned a key role, a departmental financial process is filled with the right person given the appropriate accountability helps to ensure that the process will be properly performed.


The vision of the organization is based on its plan and strategic vision of raising the capacities of refugees and displaced ones in the camps within and outside peripheral states which are the most affected areas, and to rehabilitate  the  victims by  providing   education, health, and  other community services.

The Message

The organization’s mission of contributing depends on drawing up a plan to help refugees and displaced persons in Sudan, taking into account the fourth goal of the sustainable development goals, which is concerned with the issue of education, the provision of health, educational services, and the training of refugees and displaced peoples.


The organization observes the values ​​represented in voluntary – credibility, transparency and sincerity – equality and justice.

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