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Bless others with your donation. Our mission is to help in the provision of health, educational services, and the training of refugees and displaced peoples.

Our Mission

The mission of the organization is to contribute to drawing up  plan to help the refugees and the displaced people in Sudan, taking into account the fourth goal of the sustainable development which is concerned with the issue of education, the provision of health, educational services, and the training of the refugees and the displaced people.


The vision of the organization is based on its plan and strategic vision of raising the capacities of the refugees and the displaced ones in the camps within and outside the peripheral states the most affected areas.  And to rehabilitate the victims by providing education, health, and other community services.

The Background of NMSO

Nuer Makuei Society Organization is a voluntary organization founded in 2021, whose works is to provide possible solutions for education, health, rehabilitation of the homeless children (restoration) and cultural services, and to acclimatize the displaced ones in the various camps in the country. In addition to the provision of aid to the Sudanese in conflicting areas and the refugees who are forced by war to leave their states in the neighboring countries to Sudan. The Organization is led by a group of concerned people from different Sudanese nationalities with the help of experts specialized in humanitarian work to provide assistance to the affected refugees, displaced and Immigrants ones in Sudan and to create viable opportunities for them to find themselves  involved  into community’s lives .